In Pursuit of Sparklers & Sport

Due to strong demand we have introduced two extra sales to our auction calendar -Affordable Jewellery and Country & Sporting Pursuits. These two sales reflect both the ever-growing popularity of jewellery & watches, and the re-emergence of a classic antique genre.
Although there has always been a tangible value in gold, diamonds, designer watches and the like, the market has exploded in recent years to become a hugely popular area for collecting and investment. The trend for Vintage Fashion has helped to bring even brooches, cuff-links and pearls in from the cold, while the wearability and workmanship of quality wristwatches has seen their value eclipse that of traditional timepieces such as longcase clocks. And it's not just the obvious sparklers taking the limelight.

Large diamonds and heavy gold will always find a market, but we have seen some stunning prices elsewhere. Amber jewellery prices have been a recent surprise, while pieces with an historical link such as pendants and earrings in the Suffragette colours have proved popular. In wristwatches, Rolex, Omega and Jaeger LeCoultre are still the top names, but less well-known names such as Corum, Ebel and Zenith are gaining a following.

As this market has grown ever-larger, we have decided to create a specific auction to include jewellery, watches and accessories ranging from £50-£500 - namely those pieces which deserve to stand alone but won't break the bank. Entries are invited until 4th October, please contact Ed Crichton on for a free valuation if you have anything which may be suitable.


Our latest addition to the sales calendar will include art and collectables related to hunting, fishing, shooting*, horseracing, golf & other sports, and taxidermy. It was long believed that stuffed animals, shooting sticks and fishing rods belonged to a lost age (along with beards and trench coats, so it just goes to show), but whether it's nostalgia or a renewed appreciation of the skills involved, this genre of antiques has been rejuvenated in recent years.

Of particular interest are taxidermy fish by the likes of John Cooper & Sons; these displays are a fabulous example of workmanship, nature and art, and they often have historical notes regarding the circumstances of the catch. In the same area, fishing rods, reels and accessories (especially those by Hardy Bros) are sought after.

As hunting has become more of a corporate away-day than a regular countryside activity, and most of our meat is processed on industrial farms, items relating to this pursuit have increased in collectability. Therefore, we are inviting consignments of decorated brass shot flasks, antique fire-arms*, hunting pictures & prints, taxidermy animals, hunting horns, gun cases and shooting sticks. On a less visceral note, our love of horses has not diminished over the years, despite our reduced contact with and practical use for them, therefore riding & racing art and related items are still sought after - especially around here with the 'Home of Racing' just down the road at Newmarket.

We are confident that this sale will be a welcome annual extra to the auction calendar, and we are inviting entries until 10th November. If you have anything which may be suitable please contact Glenn Pearl on for a free valuation.

*Please note that due to restrictions we will only consider registered firearms with a value of more than £1000.


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