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The Haldane Chinese Collection

The Haldane Chinese Collection

Date: 2nd Aug, 2023 14:00

We are pleased to offer this collection of Chinese ceramics and antiques, which was acquired by the late William Haldane over several decades in the latter half of the 20th century.  To be sold without reserve.

William developed an appreciation for oriental art while travelling to Hong Kong for business from the 1960s to ‘80s and frequenting local markets.  What started as a casual hobby evolved into a life-time passion and he sought out experts to learn as much as he could about the field and what he was collecting.

He certainly developed a ‘good eye’ during this time and unearthed some rare and collectable pieces, while not limiting himself to specific time periods or styles.  The collection ranges from Six-Dynasties era (220-589) earthenware funerary figures through to Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) celadon bowls, and Han Dynasty (202BC-220AD) bronze hand mirrors; alongside a large selection of Ming and other period porcelain wares.   It is very much the assemblage of an enthusiast with an academic inclination and William’s careful curation of the works is evident throughout.  

Name: Shaun Crichton