Antiquities & Ethnographica

Antiquities & Ethnographica

Date: 1st Oct, 2021 11:00
Catalogue: Download PDF catalogue

We are pleased to be holding this one-off specialist auction of Antiquities & Ethnographica consigned from several deceased estates and collectors from across East Anglia and the south coast.  This has been a truly fascinating auction to put together, which has taken us around the world and millennia back in time.

The sale was born from the consignment of a Cambridgeshire deceased estate single-owner collection, which was owned by an autodidact antiquarian with an extensive knowledge of Celtic history and global antiquities.  He was a design engineer,  inventor and contractor with a passion for history and art who spent a lifetime studying and collecting items of historical interest and beauty. The estate highlights include Celtic stone figures/heads purchased from the collection of a Cambridge Professor of Architecture, an impressive selection of pre-Columbian pottery, and a large amount of carefully selected Africana.  Lots from this estate are marked in the catalogue with an *.

Alongside this estate are several other collections as well as individual consignments, which include a wealth of art and antiques from Egypt, Africa, Asia and Oceania, ranging from 1000BC to the mid-20th century. 

We would like to express our thanks to consultant Will Mattin for providing his 30+ years experience and expert knowledge in cataloguing many of these items.



Name: Mr Glenn Pearl