Nĭ hăo from Bury St Edmunds to Beijing!

20 Oct, 2017

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Chinese bidding platform ePaiLive.com, Asia's leading fine art, antique and collectables online platform.

 As you are no doubt aware, the Chinese market for art and antiques has seen rapid growth in recent years and this shows no signs of abating.  In 2016, Chinese buyers purchased 60% more items from international auction houses than in 2015, and Asia now accounts for approximately 40% of the global auction market.  The number of Chinese online bidders at our auctions has been increasing steadily, not just for Asian art but also quite noticeably for Western silver and jewellery.  Although this market has been extremely welcome, it's fair to say that there have been the occasional language and cultural disconnect; therefore a platform such as ePaiLive which bridges this divide is heaven-sent.



ePaiLive was founded by Qiqi Jiang in 2012, after she discovered local auction houses while studying for her PhD in Oxford and realised the potential for providing access to Chinese buyers.  Since then, the platform has partnered with more than 5,000 auction houses in 98 countries and territories around the world - but we are pleased to say that we are the first in East Anglia!  



Starting with our 24 th October Affordable Jewellery auction, our specialist auctions will now be accessible to over 300,000 Chinese speakers and antique collectors across Asia, and we look forward to seeing how this global partnership progresses. 


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